Practicing Algorithm Problems

Throughout my time as a student at the Flatiron School, I was always interested in building web applications and immersed in making a more eye-catching application. However, after graduating I realized that I was not strong in properly solving algorithm problems. I would stress out and have to look at the solution in order to understand it but even then I wouldn’t retain how the other person came about with their solution. Only until I watched a video from YouTube (link below) that explains how to approach algorithm problems, I became much more confident in solving these problems. So far I’ve been working on solving algorithm problems using Ruby and JavaScript, and as for database problems I’ve been using MySQL. The way that one should go about solving a problem is to see what clues a word problem gives you. Usually these clues are for example is, if, and function. Function right off the bat tells us that we should create a function with the name of whatever needs to be figured out. Is tells us that within our function we need to use the ‘==’ or ‘===’ because it’s equal to something. If tells us that we would need to create a conditional statement showing what one outcome will be if the other is regarded as false (or vice versa). I will keep on solving as many algorithm problems as I can on LeetCode so that I will be better prepared for tests that an interviewer may present to me.



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